Three informative videos have recently been uploaded, relating to the Landcape Literacy task of Dr. Ibo Zimmermann, Collin Nott, and Dr. Hugh Pringle. These are aimed at informing land owners and land managers on strategies that improve the production capacity of farm land.

Video 1: The Power of Rain Drops [Click to view]
A large portion of the Namibian rangeland has been incised by erosion gullies down which much of the rainwater flows away, leaving the rangeland drier and less productive than in the past. Application of grazing management is usually insufficient on its own to restore protective grass cover where gullies dry the landscape. Therefore, various restoration techniques have been applied in different sites, relying mainly on local resources.

Video 2: Sand Dams [Click to view]
After five years of extreme drought, water continued to flow in 1996 on farm Krumneck thanks to a series of sand dams that built up a terraced valley. The dam walls were built in stages over decades to trap sand that holds water and prevents it from evaporating.

Video 3: Grazing Strategy of Riaan Dames [Click to view]
A simple grazing strategy developed by Riaan Dames has achieved great success in improving both rangeland condition and cattle productivity with low input costs and effort. Some farms where the grazing strategy had been applied in South Africa were visited in 2010, after which several farmers started implementing it in Namibia, also with success.

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