providing open data, information & solutions

In the wake of the current and future projected climate and socio-economic changes, the establishment of the Open Access Data Centre (OADC) of SASSCAL aims to support climate change adaptation by making data, information and knowledge openly available.    

The SASSCAL Data and Information Portal is an open online data and information portal that can be accessed freely using any web browser to access data on climate and natural resources.

The SASSCAL WeatherNet provides easy and open access to climate information for over 150 Automatic Weather Stations for southern Africa, about rainfall, air, soil temperature, humidity, wind speed other sensor data.

The SASSCAL ObservationNet offers data and user friendly information regarding the temporal changes within ecosystems and their biological diversity, as observed at Biodiversity Observatories.

The Photo Guides  of Southern Africa includes a comprehensive and rapidly growing representation of all known plant species of the southern African region.

The vegetation database software BIOTABase contains structured storage of vegetation monitoring data and related environmental data to facilitate environmental monitoring.

The SEACRIFOG web-based collaborative inventory tool allows for systematic capturing of information on variables, observation networks/infrastructures and existing data products.

The Extreme Climate Index (ECI) is an objective, multi-hazard index capable of tracking changes in the frequency or magnitude of extreme weather events, indicating possible shifts to a new climate regime.

The WeMAST project will design and develop an integrated platform for wetland assessment and monitoring that will support better management of selected transboundary river basins.