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The end-of-year SASSCAL Newsletter, that covers events and activities for the months of October and November 2016, is available. This newsletter is made available in a FULL (left image, 12 MB) and a LITE (right image, 2 MB) version: SASSCAL Newsletters. Both versions contain the same content and the difference lies in the amount of design aspects and images incorporated.

This Newsletter brings you some interesting features:

  • Messages from the SASSCAL Directors reflecting on a successful 2016 and looking forward to a productive 2017,
  • The BMBF Field Visit to Namibia,
  • The SASSCAL Namibia National Node,
  • Some research highlights such as a glimpse into the timber trade from or through Namibia, the development and launch of the collaborative Masters of Science in GIS, Remote Sensing and Earth Observation and the growing SASSCAL WeatherNet,
  • Various workshop and conference reviews,
  • Some special features such as interesting reports and projects to take note of and
  • Many more.
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