SASSCAL is pleased to announce the appointment of the following new employees effective 1st of November 2021.


Mr. Manyika K. Morris was appointed Programme Officer at the Zambian National Node effective 1st November 2021. Mr Morris is a Natural Scientist and Climate Change Expert, a Graduate in the field of Geography and Environmental Studies from the University of Zambia. He has further pursued Postgraduate studies for Master of Science in Geo-Information Science (GIS) from University of Zambia and Masters of Climate Change and Sustainable Development from Mulungushi University, Zambia. Furthermore, his academic line also includes attainment of certificates in Earth Observation for wetlands monitoring, assessment and management, GIS Software applications and Development of New Technologies for wetland Monitoring.

He has previously worked as a Climate Change Participatory Adaptation Officer for the Government of Zambia/World Bank funded Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience (PPCR) and as an Intern Assistant Planner for the Government of Zambia’s Ministry of Local Government.


Mr Chomba Innocent Chomba was appointed Scientific Officer at the Zambian Node effective 1st November 2021. Before joining SASSCAL he worked as a Water Development Officer in the Department of Water Resources Development in Zambia and a Part- Time Lecturer at The University of Zambia. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master of Science in Environmental and Natural Resources Management from The University of Zambia. His Master’s Degree was fully funded by Southern African Science Service Centre for Climate Change and Adaptive Land Management (SASSCAL) Research Portifolio 1.0 Task 109. Mr. Chomba’s research interests are in climate change, ecosystem services, application of Earth Observation Technologies in natural resources management, wetland management, Hydrological and Hydrodynamic modelling. He is currently perusing his PhD in Integrated Water Resources Management focusing on characterising the spatial-temporal variability of hydrology and Hydrodynamics of Barotse Wetlands using remote sensing and modelling approaches. He has made several publications in peer reviewed Journals with regard to natural resources management and development in Zambia.


Ms Bernice Mutelo has been appointed Programme Officer at the Botswana Node. She is motivated and excels at what she does and is going to support the Botswana Node office with planning and coordination of SASSCAL’s research programme and its activities among other key roles. Bernice is a SASSCAL alumni who has demonstrated her passion for climate and water science by attending several regional water and climate change short courses over the last 5 years. Together with the broader SASSCAL team, she will be endeavouring to promote science for sustainable development with the aim to improve quality of life in the region and beyond. She completed her Master of Philosophy studies in Natural Resources Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Soil and Water Conservation Management


Mr Agostinho Alfonso was appointed Finance and Administration Assistant at the Angolan Node effective 1st August 2021.

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