SASSCAL colleagues joined forces to meet some of the needs of the less fortunate communities, by responding to the Round Table’s call for donations towards the annual Winter Knights initiative.

According to the Namibia Round Table, over 60% of the Namibian population does not have the means to protect themselves against the winter cold. Southern Africa is known for its warm sunny climate, but its winters tend to be harsh. These cold winters are even more severe for the underprivileged, especially without proper housing.

In this line, the Round Table, with the support of RadioWave, has been spearheading this annual campaign to provide the less fortunate with blankets, clothing and food during the harsh winter months.

SASSCAL colleagues responded to the call by donating food, clothing and bedding as part of this drive.

Charity does not have to be big to leave a huge impact. SASSCAL colleagues hope that their donations will have a positive impact to the identified communities, that will benefit from this cause. After all; “a little act of kindness at the right moment can give someone a good day”.

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