2018 SASSCAL Science Symposium

“Science Diplomacy supporting Climate Change Action in SADC”

16 to 20 April 2018, Mulungushi International Conference Center, Lusaka, Zambia

The Southern African Science Service Centre for Climate Change and Adaptive Land Management (SASSCAL) invites and welcomes SASSCAL researchers and stakeholders from science, policy, the public and private sector to the SASSCAL Science Symposium with a theme: ‘Science Diplomacy supporting Climate Change Action in SADC’. The Symposium will take place in Lusaka, Zambia from 16 to 20 April 2018.

Aim of the Symposium

The overall aim of the Symposium is to provide a platform for sharing research outcomes from the scientific work that was managed by SASSCAL with specific emphasis on its contribution to climate change action in the SADC Region. SASSCAL will also use this opportunity to introduce the SASSCAL 2.0 research agenda to scientists, policy-makers and the public.
Specific Objectives:
• to present major scientific results of research conducted within the SASSCAL thematic research areas: Agriculture, Biodiversity, Climate, Forestry and Water to the diverse stakeholders;
• to introduce the SASSCAL 2.0 Research Agenda to the research community, decision makers and the public;
• to launch and present various SASSCAL products and services, and demonstrate their value in supporting cross-sectoral decision-making in SADC;
• to facilitate Science-Policy dialogues on selected topics;
• to provide a platform for regional networking among climate change researchers, policy-makers and climate change adaptation practitioners; and
• to launch SASSCAL Book.

Symposium outline

The Symposium format will comprise of an opening science-policy forum, thematic sessions with Keynote Speakers, oral and poster presentations, plenary and panel discussions and workgroup sessions. In addition, there is limited space for side events and back-to-back meetings.


The participation in the 2018 SASSCAL Science Symposium is free of charge. The Symposium online registration is still open to the 6th of April 2018. Please follow the link on our conference webpage: 2018sasscalsciencesymposium.sasscal.org

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