The SGSP-IWRM is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST – is the host while the International Centre for Water Resources and Global Change (ICWRGC – is the German Partner.

SGSP(IWRM) is the first step in a process of establishing SASSCAL Centres of Excellence in the region. In SASSCAL’s long-term plan, 5 Centres of excellence are planned:  Centre of Excellence in Agriculture and Food Security (Angola), Centre of Excellence in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health (Botswana), Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management (Namibia), Centre of Excellence in Climate Services (South Africa) and Centre of Excellence in Forests and Woodland Management (Zambia). This effort is complemented by various stakeholders including regional and international collaborating institutions and universities.

The objective of the SGSP – IWRM is the development and deployment of an innovative and excellent regional collaborative education and research programme at PhD level in different specialisation under the theme Integrated Water Resource Management. The research component will be complemented by selected tailor-made short courses to strengthen the students in new techniques such as geospatial analytical skills, programming and use of models in date integration and analysis .

Admission to the SGSP (IWRM) grants successful students the opportunity to undertake studies in a programme of excellence. Like all of SASSCAL’s programmes, this PhD Programme will take a regional focus in its enrolment. In its 1st year of implementation, 15 students will be enrolled.

SGSP-IWRM programme is based on the existing suite of discipline specific PhD programmes offered at NUST, and includes a common block of selected courses in IWRM, a scientific mobility to Germany, different seminars and conferences which will complement the research based academic programme of a 3-year study period.

The programme is positioned to play a critical role in strengthening the capacity of the region by producing highly skilled labour force that will assist in creating innovative solutions to respond to the climate change and water resources management needs of the region, which aligns with SASSCAL’s research and capacity development agenda.

SASSCAL wishes to thank BMBF for funding this innovative program that is geared to strengthen the region’s knowledge economy in the water sector.

Prospective students, watch this space

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