From left; Prof. Henry Sichingabula, Director – Directorate of Research and Graduate Studies, University of Zambia, Prof, René Haak, Head of Division 723, Global Change and Germany Board Member and SASSCAL Executive Director – Dr Jane Olwoch

Professor René Haak, Head of Division 723, Global Change and  Germany Board Member during his recent visit to South Africa, Namibia and Zambia  met  staff and students and delivered a talk  at the University of Zambia (UNZA). Most of the participants are beneficiaries  from BMBF funds  through SASSCAL 1 Research phase.  During the visit, Prof  Haak was  accompanied by Mr Gabin Ananou from the DLR Project Management Agency (PT-DLR), SASSCAL Executive Director – Dr Jane Olwoch and SASSCAL Director of Science and Technology –  Dr Jörg Helmschrot.

In his talk Prof. Haak highlighted  the achievements of the Two research centres of excellence in Africa: SASSCAL and WASCAL. Prof Haak also noted that despite useful research results recorded,  the challenge has been to deliver and translate these into products or services that can  impact  communities.  Therefore, an agenda process has been established to reform the research and capacity building programme that will involve active scientific and stakeholder engagement, continuous guidance by the Scientific Committee and the recently announced SASSCAL II research grants.


Delegation visit to the Automatic Weather station at UNZA

The Zambia tour was concluded by a site visit to one of the 19  the Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) in Zambia. The delegation visited and inspected one AWS  within UNZA. Prof Haak echoed the commitment of BMBF to continue providing support with dedicated amounts € 10 million for the new science plan and € 3 Million for Capacity Development.

Participants in Prof Haak’s visit at the University of Zambia (UNZA)
Third from right Mr Gabin Ananou – DLR Project Management Agency (PT-DLR), followed by Dr Jane Olwoch – SASSCAL Executive Director, followed by Prof Rene Haak – Head of Division 723, Global Change and Germany Board Member

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