Dr. Stefan Kaufmann, Green Hydrogen Innovation Commissioner at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) will be visiting Namibia from 24 – 26 February 2022. The purpose of Dr. Kaufmann´s visit is to advance the implementation of the Joint Com­muniqué of Intent (JCoI) signed between Namibia and Germany on cooperation in the field of energy and green hydrogen resources. Dr. Kaufmann is interested in meeting the Green Hydrogen Council and other representatives involved in energy and green hydrogen resources from all Namibian ministries and discuss processes to bring the JCoI to life.

As a first step in advancing green hydrogen development in Southern Africa, Dr Kaufmann visited Namibia and South Africa in November 2020.  As the coordinator of BMBF projects in Southern Africa, SASSCAL coordinated stakeholder engagement meetings between Dr Kaufmann and Namibian stakeholders. The purpose of his visit was to identify key stakeholders in Namibia that are positioned to benefit green hydrogen grants from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Furthermore, SASSCAL has been accorded the privilege of coordinating green hydrogen projects in SADC and is in the process of concluding the Atlas of Green Hydrogen Generation Potential (https://www.h2atlas.de/en/) in SADC. The launch of the H2 Atlas is anticipated to be in March 2022. As the second phase unfolds, different projects will be implemented in SASSCAL Member States.

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