Tuwilika P. Nangombe

Tuwilika P. Nangombe joins SASSCAL as a Data Management Officer from 08 April 2019. Tuwilika is based at the Regional Secretariat in Windhoek, Namibia. Her key role is to manage data for the SASSCAL WeatherNet and ensure the transfer of the SASSCAL WeatherNet online system from the UHH to SASSCAL Regional Secretariat. She will also work hand in hand with a software developer and System’s Administrator to provide the necessary IT and data integration expertise in the SASSCAL Open Access Data Centre (OADC) and the research programme.

Prior to joining SASSCAL, Ms Nangombe’s work experience includes:

  • Data Processing Assistant at Multi-disciplinary Research Centre (MRC) for the University of Namibia
  • Graduate Trainee at Small Medium Enterprises (SME Bank Limited Namibia – Liquidated)
  • Volunteer Research Assistant and Graduate Tutor at NUST MISiS

Tuwilika holds of a Bachelor of Science (Honors) degree in Computer Science and Information Technology from the University of Namibia – UNAM, and Master of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering “Innovative Software Systems: Design, Development and Applications” from the National University of Science and Technology NUST “MISiS”, Moscow, Russia.

SASSCAL welcomes Tuwilika to the SASSCAL Team.

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