The First German-Angolan Symposium on Green Hydrogen was held on Thursday, 14 May 2022. Angola and Germany foster their cooperation in the field of green hydrogen under the umbrella of the German-Angolan Energy Partnership. The Symposium on Green Hydrogen kickstarted this new cooperation. The symposium provided an overview of the prospects for green hydrogen and its implications for global energy trade and the cooperation potentials between Germany and Angola.

The symposium addressed various topics under the following questions:

  • Which implications and opportunities could the global demand for green hydrogen have for Angola?
  • What are the application fields for green hydrogen in Angola and what economic
    advantages could lay ahead?
  • Could Angola take a role as an exporting country for green hydrogen? What is needed to move towards that role?
  • What are the priorities for green hydrogen development in Germany?
  • What are the priority areas in which Germany and Angola can collaborate to explore the potentials for green hydrogen production in Angola?

During the event, Dr Jane Olwoch, SASSCAL’s Executive Director made her presentation on the overview of the H2Atlas-Africa project in southern Africa including Angola. H2ATLAS-AFRICA project is the first-phase of a Go Green Go Africa Hydrogen initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and African partners in the Sub-Saharan region to explore the potentials of green hydrogen production from the enormous renewable energy sources.

Dr Jane Olwoch making a speech at the First German-Angolan Symposium on Green Hydrogen

Dr Olwoch further highlighted SASSCAL’s commitment to work together with relevant institutions in Southern Africa in order to contribute to the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy while supporting sustainable development aspirations in the region.

In her presentation, Dr Olwoch emphasized “Climate change is now running away from us, and the actions needed must be here and now. Green hydrogen has been one of the examples that we can give because of its near zero emissions”. Furthermore, Dr Olwoch and other leading experts in the green hydrogen industry took part in a panel discussion under the topic ‘Green hydrogen pathways for Angola’, during the event.

Dr Jane Olwoch and other leading experts in the green hydrogen industry during a panel discussion

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