Africa Solar Industry Association (AFSIA) is hosting a virtual Conference on Green Hydrogen in Africa from 24 to 25 March 2021. The E-Conference organiser, and CEO of AFSIA , Mr John van John van Zuylen has brought   together heads of relevant institutions and high-level international experts in the industry including the Head of Energy and Green Hydrogen Technologies Division, from the Germany Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) – Dr Christoph Röevekamp, Prof. Dr. AD van Wijk from TU Delft, Mr Vincent Oldenbroek, Secretary General of Africa Hydrogen Partnerships  and SASSCAL Executive Director – Dr Jane Olwoch. Dr Olwoch will shade light on the H2Atlas of Green hydrogen potential project funded by BMBF.

Hydrogen has been used for several decades by industrial companies because of its great convenience as fuel stock with regards to storage and transport and thanks to decreasing cost of renewables, the potential for green hydrogen is now growing exponentially and opening new avenues of use for hydrogen.

The success of green hydrogen will be linked to its production cost and the African solar industry is ideally positioned to play a major role in this global industry as the continent enjoys some of the best solar resources in the world.

In this e-conference we will learn from the best experts in the industry about the potential of green hydrogen for economic growth in Africa and the role solar can play.

This virtual event will address the following:

  • Specifying the fundamentals of green hydrogen and its advantages for the global economy
  • Identifying the potential for green hydrogen production on the African continent
  • Addressing the status of development of the green hydrogen ecosystem globally and in Africa
  • Highlighting key success factors for rapid development and growth of a green hydrogen ecosystem in Africa
  • Discussing current challenges faced by African countries to embark in green hydrogen production and proposing mitigation strategies
  • Highlighting the role and impact green hydrogen can have on African nations
  • Identifying the role of the solar industry in building a strong green hydrogen industry in Africa

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