Dr. Obakeng Sethamo has been appointed as the new Programme Coordinator for Botswana Node. Dr. Sethamo is an experienced environmental intra/interdisciplinary practitioner with experience in natural resource management, climate resilient development, renewable energy, climate adaptation and mitigation, climate finance and disaster risk reduction.

He has over 12 years of experience working within the complex nexus of development, climate change, livelihoods and natural resource management.

He has provided strategic leadership for governments and international organizations working on climate change adaptation, mitigation, community-led adaptation, vulnerability, renewable energy, innovation and sustainable development. He has participated as a resource person at several UNFCCC LDC Unit’s capacity building initiatives for adaptation plans. He was also instrumental for the development of Botswana’s National Adaptation Plan Framework.

He holds a BA Public Administration and Environmental Science, MSc Climate Change and Development and a PhD in Environmental Management.

Dr Sethamo is an avid Sustainability Innovator. He has participated in designing and leading various innovative climate change and sustainability challenges. As part of his PhD research, he designed a Vulnerability Risk Assessment process evaluation tool aimed at assisting practitioners improve VRA results (Journal of Environmental Planning and Management). He has also authored research papers.

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