Go green Go Africa: German-African Partnership for sustainable energy solution through green hydrogen

Africa has a growing population of nearly 1.3 billion, which has been increasing at an average annual rate of 2.5% for the last 10 years. The growing population directly implies growing demand for energy and expanded infrastructure to match the growth. The overall sustainable development of Africa and indeed the global effort to reduce climate degradation will stem from a holistic energy system driven by renewable energy. This challenge of reaching 100% renewable based energy systems will require joint effort and partnership across borders in order to find feasible climate-friendly solutions. In a new initiative, Germany is collaborating with African countries to explore the utilization of green hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives as an energy option in a joint effort. H2 POWER-AFRICA project is the first-phase of a joint initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and African partners in the Sub-Saharan region (SADC and ECOWAS countries) to explore the potentials of green hydrogen production from the enormous renewable energy sources within the sub-regions. The aim is to support sustainable and economic development through a viable hydrogen economy with a high potential to make Africa an exporter of green hydrogen, hence gaining even more relevance in international energy markets.

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